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 CJSA Volunteer Background Check:

CJSA Adult Volunteer Background Check

Q: How do I complete the CJSA background check?

We do ask all adult volunteers to pass the mandatory CJSA background check online.  You need to provide the soccer club  with your full name and date of birth either via email (send email to Dave Bachiochi at or by registering as a volunteeer online with the club.  Then you process your background check online privately with CJSA (at and look for the background check link).  The club will be notified when you are eligible to coach and it is important that the name and date of birth you enter when you complete the background check processing matches exactly what you tell the club to use as part of the club registration.  The company (Choicepoint) that processes the background check maintains confidentiality so both CJSA and SSSC only really know when you pass.