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 SSSC Player Equipment and Uniform Size chart:

Uniform and Equipment Guide




All players, regardless of age, are required to wear shinguards and shinguards are to be covered with a sock.  All players are strongly recommended to bring a water bottle and to dress for the weather.  In cold weather it is recommended to wear gloves and warm clothing underneath the uniform so the player can focus on the game and not on the weather.  Molded sole spikes are recommended for all players.  Sneakers are also acceptable for the recreational leagues. The preferred ball size is #3 for Intramurals and Minikickers, and #3 or #2 for the three year old microkickers.  The preferred ball size is #4 for Under 9, Under 10, Under 11 and Under 12 ages.  The preferred ball size is #5 for Under 13 and Under 14 ages.


Uniform Program

All Club Travel Program players are required to purchase their own uniform if they don’t already have one.  Effective with the 2016 Fall season, all players aged Under 9 through Under 12 participating in the NE District Division 3, 4 or 5 leagues are required to purchase their own uniform set (numbered jersey, shorts and socks) via the online link  Choose your jersey and shorts sizes upon online registration.  The site also includes a nice selection of fanwear to purchase.  Teams participating in the Under 14 leagues will use their existing uniforms or draw from our limited previous stock.    


All Recreation Program players (ages 4-7) are provided with an SSSC T-shirt that they can keep. As noted above, please dress for the weather, wear shinguards, bring your own size #3 ball if you have one, and a water bottle WITH plenty of water. Molded sole spikes or sneakers are acceptable at these age levels.  The preferred ball size at these ages is #3.  This is a smaller ball more suitable for kids this age.