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 SSSC History:

SSSC History

The Stafford Springs Soccer Club, or SSSC, is a local organization dedicated to providing a safe environment for the youth of our town to participate in the sport of soccer.  The club is affiliated with the Connecticut Junior Soccer Association (CJSA) in the Northeast District in the state of Connecticut, and part of US Youth Soccer (the national youth soccer organizing body).    The club operates an active youth program year round, with fall season participation for ages 3-13 years old for approximately 350 youth and 75 adult volunteers.  Additionally, winter, spring and summer programs include high school aged youth for annual participation rates exceeding 400 kids.


The club was first formed in 1979 initially with an adult team and operated its first youth team in the Under 14 Boys travel division in the NE district in 1980.  The club grew to a half dozen travel teams in the 10-14 year old range for subsequent seasons attracting nearly 80 kids through the early 1980's each Fall.  The club blossomed in the late 1980's by initiating younger programs participating in town regularly involving 350-400 kids annually starting in the early 1990's through today.  The first Parent’s Association was organized by Ken Blanchard, and with assistance from Sue Fisher, Lorraine Holland and Bruce Posocco, helped with much of the administrative burden.


Since our inception, we estimate to have seen over 2,000 kids come through the club many of which enjoyed soccer for over 8 years from entry until high school, and others longer as they compete in high school and college.  We have stopped counting the second generation soccer players.  We are certainly proud of the girls that brought us a state high school soccer championship and three state indoor tournament championships, most of which grew up in the soccer club.  We are ever so proud of our local hero, Jeff Braun, who so much loved playing soccer.


The club recognizes a significant volunteer contribution annually with its Service Award. The running list of service award recipients is shown below. Without the help of many dedicated volunteers, the programs offered would be unable to operate.  Further, we are forever grateful to the generosity and enthusiasm of George Koulisis from the Stafford House of Pizza for his support in getting the early programs going.


The club is strictly a non-profit organization dedicated to soccer, using fees and fund raising to support the activities of the program.  The club is further supported by the Town of Stafford with an annual stipend for durable equipment, and with outstanding care and preparation of the fields used at the Stafford High School and Stafford Middle School complex.  The club was the first in our local district to host a jamboree, organizing the preseason tournament for 8 years in the late 1980's and early 1990's.  The club also twice served as host for what has become an annual district fun day tournament for all Under 10 teams, attracting over 75 teams each November.  This is certainly not something that would be possible without our great facilities.


More detail about each of our programs...


Club Travel Team Programs - encompass both competitive and recreational level teams as defined by the Northeast District of CJSA. Activities are held throughout the Fall, Winter and Spring seasons for (Under 19, Under 16 in the winter, spring and summer), Under 14, Under 12, Under 10 ages in boys and girls divisions.  Player passes are required for formal identification at all matches.  District league standings are kept for kids older than 10.  Certified referees are mandatory and certified coaching is strongly recommended.

Recreational Programs - In town Under 8 recreational level league play consisting of formal teams, league standings, certified referees and year end championship jamboree generally for the 6-7 year old age group.  The program is held three times per week.  In town Under 6 Minikicker Program â€" 4-5 year old instructional league for both players and parent/coaches.  The Minikicker program is held twice per week and is as much fun for the parent volunteers as it is for the kids. Kids learn to kick the ball and dribble the ball and have fun doing so. In 2012 and 2013, a three year old Microkicker program was initiated on Saturday mornings. 

We have operated a winter program for many years for great off season exercise.  The club sponsors an excellent summer camp program in town, operated by Challenger Sports Soccer Camps.


Our affiliation with CJSA affords us the ability to train and certify both adults and kids as soccer referees.  We've been fortunate to maintain a great staff of knowledgeable and experienced referees that bring a sense of professionalism to all our matches. 


I know I speak for our current board of directors and coaching staff when I say we all get a tremendous sense of satisfaction when we see kids competing and enjoying themselves at ALL levels.


Thanks for the opportunity,

Dave Bachiochi

SSSC Youth Director


Current Board Members â€" Dave Bachiochi, Craig Heuitson, Mike Richards, Dave Buchanan, Ron Campo, Pepe Scarpa, Butch Hajosy, Eric Hasel, Becky Murphy, Adam Murray, Joann Kallenbach, Bryan Kearns, Kyle Lewis, Tammy Bailey


Previous SSSC Board Members:

Dave Bachiochi, Butch Hajosy, Ron Campo, Jae Lorenzet, Kreg Almand

Craig Heuitson, Sue Fisher, Ken Blanchard, Bruce Posocco, Lorraine Holland

Sue Linder, Pepe Scarpa, Blake Hatch, Mike Richards, John Locke

Mike Smida, Herb Robbins, Tim Brennan

Dave Buchanan, Leon Campo, Bruce Gordon, Deb Gordon, Joel Reeves, Ron Simpson

Paul Litvinchyk, Dana Crompton, Ray Niderno, Kevin Dietz

Mike Smida, Craig Heuitson, Paul Rossi, Bob Carlson, Mike Richards, Dave Buchanan, Leon Campo, Ron Campo, Pepe Scarpa, Butch Hajosy, Joel Reeves

Jon Jackopsic, Mike Smida

SSSC Service Award recipients:

Sue Linder, Sue Fisher, John Locke, Jill Bachiochi, Mike Smida, Mike Richards, Herb Robbins, Butch Hajosy, Pepe Scarpa, Blake Hatch