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Online Registration

The Stafford Springs Soccer Club (SSSC) has teamed with other youth sports organizations and the Stafford Recreation Commission in town to offer online participant registration including an option to pay online with PayPal.  We are asking all players and adult volunteers to register online prior to each playing season. The following explains how it works and tries to answer frequently asked questions.  The link to the online registration is provided below and on the soccer website and on the website.


Online Registration thru Stafford

Q: How does it work?

A: Basically, a parent registers themselves and their children with with the normal contact information that you use to fill out your registration form. This is a one time registration that can now be used to enroll for spring soccer, fall soccer and eventually other youth sports in town as they come online. Then you choose an activity in which to enroll your child. Any events or programs in which the child is eligible to enroll are listed.  The programs may have age or gender restrictions (example: none of the girls soccer club travel programs would be shown for a boy). And only those programs whose enrollment period is currently open are offered as choice for that child.


Once you enroll in a program, any optional offerings are presented.  An example might be an option to order soccer travel uniforms.  Information about when the program itself starts and who the coach contact is and where to find any additional information is presented.  You will be asked to download, print and sign the SSSC Medical Release during the post enrollment steps.


Q: How do I pay?

A: The online payment is handled through PayPal.  This means a credit or debit card with a major brand (Mastercard, Visa, American Express, Discover) must be used.


Q: Can I enroll online and pay by check at a different time?

A: Yes.  If you enroll online without paying, your registration information is available to the club.  We ask that you follow the post enrollment instructions to print your registration information and forward payment to the club.


Q: Is the information safe?

A: Your personal contact information is stored in a database and is accessible only to the sport administrators that normally administer this information by hand.


Q: What about the payment information?

A: Payment is handled through PayPal.  The site permits you to register with Google Checkout.  None of the information about your payment is maintained on the web site except for the amount that you paid.  All transaction tracking for you is managed through PayPal.  Once you register for PayPal, follow the directions provided.


Q: Can I make changes to my registration information?

A: Yes, there are links associated with each registrant that allow you to update any personal information.  Please be careful to understand that if you change some information after the season has started, the coach is not likely to pick it up.  The player information is drawn off by the club administrators at the beginning of the season and provided to the coach.  He or she is not likely to be checking online for updates.


Q: How can I volunteer to help?

A: The Soccer club has established a volunteer program / event. It is open to volunteers 18 years old and older.  We’d like all volunteers including travel and recreational coaches, assistants, team parents to enroll with us.  That enrollment process  lets the club communicate electronically with you to keep you abreast of club activities that may affect our program.  Further, all volunteers are required to complete the CJSA Background Check as part of our risk management program.  The background check process can be initiated from the CJSA website and is completely confidential.  Please contact Dave Bachiochi at once you submit your application for background check so we can identify you as a volunteer with our club.



Online Registration thru Stafford


Recreational Soccer Information and FAQs.pdf